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Tahtani Mosque

Builder of the mosque is not known and there are inconsistent information concerning its construction date. The date of 1578 stated by evliya celebi is wrong due to the information included in the previous islamic registry records. The mosque was mentioned in an islamic registry of 1558. Moreover, date of another islamic registry is 1580 and the mosque was repaired on this date. As it was understood from the epitaphs, it was repaired for several times; in 1790, 1805, 1958 and 1983. The flat roof of the mosque was changed as a hipped roof covered with roof tiles.

There was a rectangular frame around the niche of mihrab, which was quite spoiled with oil painting. The corner spaces were decorated with rumi patterns. At the centre of pulpit, the octagonal panel made with cage technique, is similar to shipman wheel is full of patterns similar to butterflies.

A careful stonemasonry is observed in the minaret. The underside of umbrella coned balcony was built with thin muqarnases. Pendants having certain distances between each of them were made and twelce ceramic plates were placed between them. The balcony barriers have twelve different geometrical patterns. It carrıes characteristic features of the region with all of its features.

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