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Mount Nemrut

Mount Nemrut is 2 hours away from Gaziantep. At the cone shape summit of this 2,200m elevated mountain one can find statues mythical figures of Apollon, Zeus, Hercules and others. The statues stare at you silenty more than 2000 years.  More statues on the Western side  than the  East side. The altar is located on the east site. These statues were carved around 63 B.C during the reign of Antiochus-I, the emperor of  the Commagene King. Here you can wonder around the cone shape, a man made summit,  where Antiochus’s tumules  was located which were hidded  under the man made limestone  dome.

It is amazing to watch the sun sets and sun rises at the summit.  However, the sun rise is very cold, make sure that you have  thick  sleeping bags or blankets  from the hotel you stay in, even in the hot summer days.

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