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Karagoz Mosque

Construction of the mosque was started by Battal aga, who is native of antep and grandfather of famous Nuri Mehmet Pasha in 1756 and completed in 1758.  It ıs told that the Karagoz Mosque was named by a Turkmen group called ?Karagozlu? connected with Beydili and Eymurlu clan living between Aleppo and Antep.

According to islamic court registry records dated 1137, there was a sanctuary named ?Karagoz? in the place of this mosque. The old prayer room was made a mosque by Battal Aga and continued to be called with its old name. It is a small mosque which is parallel to kiblah and has little decoration and one nave. The backyard divided into two by a short wall was passed through a door at the west. At one sıde of the backyard facing towards the Mosque, there are coloured stone decorations which were seen in other Antep mosques. There are no decorations on the mihrab. It has a simple, rounded niche. Its pulpıt made up of wood also has no decoration. In the mosque repaired 3 times recently, the outer coverings were restored in 1967, the west door of backyard was restored in 1973 and the inner walls were handled and pulpit was placed its current location and took its wooden colour in 1985. It ıs thought that the last communion place which is covered with a flat concrete roof today was covered with a flat soil roof over wooden beams in the past.

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