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Handaniye Mosque

The Handaniye Mosque was damaged during the war. The cannonball entering the Mosque from the kiblah side exploded inside the mosque and ruined it.  Sınce a woman passıng the street as that moment died, the street was given her name and called as the ?First Cannonball Martyr Habba?.

Handan aga who is son of abdullah, chamberlain of zulkariye governor mehmet pasha, had it built. It is believed that it was built between the years 1575 and 1596. It was restored by haci abdullah in 1797 and the minaret was added by his son mustafa. The crown door of the mosque attracting attention with the beauty of its stonemasonry is totally relief work. The underside of wooden muezzin?s place which is located on the crown door exhibits a beautiful woodworking. The single piece muqarnas pendant at the centre was made up of wood. There are two pulpıts, which are called as mansion and reached from inside of the wall, at two sides of mihrab made up of black and white stones.

The stonemasonry of its minaret is special. The muqarnases which form the pendantive section reinforcing the balcony take the shape of a triangle by opening upwards. Ceramıc plates are arranged under it.

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